I’m Rick R. Duncan, Student of Life!

I’m also a veteran affiliate marketer, web developer and SEO professional. I’m often referred to by the nickname “The SEO Guy” by the people who know me and have worked with me. Keep reading of you want to learn more about me and my blog.

The Blog

I created my personal blog back in 2009 as a means to share my experiences in SEO. One of the first articles written was about a search engine named Cuil. In that article I spoke of the numerous flaws and began my writing style of telling it like it is with a candid, realistic and authentic voice.

Often times my writing may seem critical. I love to call bullsh!t when I see it (like this article) and love to participate in debates.

Within the pages of my blog is where I share my thoughts and experiences on web development using WordPress and building a successful online presence. Whether for a small business or an affiliate marketer, you’ll find something of value in your quest for how to become successful online.


Rick R. DuncanI began my web development career back in 1997 using Microsoft FrontPage 97. Raise your hand if you remember static webpages and icons at the bottom of websites that said ‘Best if viewed with…’

It was August of 1999 that I was hired by Whitlock eBusiness Solutions to create a new website for carmax.com. Back then it was ASP 1.0 and COM objects. The internet was still in its infancy.

Along came 2006 and an introduction to Shawn Boyer the CEO of Snagajob.com. He hired me as a lead developer to work specifically with the lead generation team.

While working for Snagajob.com as a Senior Software Developer I discovered SEO and affiliate marketing. As I wanted to shift my focus from website development to SEO, I created a business case for SEO and was given the green light to switch rolls and begin an SEO program for Snagajob.com that would help take them to the next level.

From 2007 to 2011 my SEO strategies took Snagajob.com from 100k monthly organic visits to over 2 million. While there, Shawn Boyer gave me the nickname The SEO Guy.

Snagajob SEO

My full resume is posted here and on LinkedIn.


Rick R. DuncanMost people are shocked to learn that I once piloted an 18-wheeler.

For 10 years I was fortunate enough to work for a small OTR trucking company and get to see this great country of ours. My favorite route was hauling plastic shopping carts from Rehrig in Richmond, VA to California.

Today, I’m just a geek working as the Digital Marketing Manager for Allianz Global Assistance. Unfortunately our dress code doesn’t allow acid wash jeans like the pair I’m wearing in my trucking photo.

When the work day is over you can find me cycling, running and photographing the world around me. I’m currently training for my first half marathon which takes place in November.

Affiliate Marketing Disclaimer

Yes, I’m also an affiliate marketer. My unique skills in SEO, Digital Marketing and web development using WordPress and the Genesis Framework have allowed me to profit by building high quality affiliate websites. Feel free to read my affiliate disclosure information.

Digital Footprint

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