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I can help you build, market and grow our online business using ethical digital marketing tactics that have proven successful throughout my 15+ years of building and marketing online businesses.

Richmond SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant

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Rick R. Duncan
Digital Marketing Consultant
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My name is Rick R. Duncan and I’m a Richmond, VA based SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant.

My specialties include SEO, Website Development using WordPress and the Genesis Framework, Inbound Marketing, Analytics and ethical SEO with a proven track record.

Since 1997 I’ve been building profitable websites for companies that include NationsBank, CarMax, Royall & Company and job search engine start-up Snagajob.com.

Back in 1997 I built my first client website using Microsoft FrontPage 97. I quickly moved from building static websites to building dynamic database driven websites using Microsoft ASP 1.0, Microsoft Transaction Server, COM Objects and Microsoft SQL Server.

After 10 years of coding high-performing enterprise level websites I became known as the Richmond SEO Guy thanks to the SEO work I performed for SnagAJob.com.

July 14, 2009 – I’d like to send a humongous shout out to Rick R. Duncan, who truly is the SEO Man!

Two years ago, Rick came to me and said that he would love to focus on SEO 100% (he was a Senior Software Engineer at the time) and that he felt like he could make a huge impact in Search Engine Marketing. He put together a business case, and we said “OK, run w/ it.” Well, he’s sprinted and held the pace/accelerated over the last several years. In January of ’07 when he moved into his SEO role, our site was generating almost 120k visits/month from SEO. Today, his hard work and dedication has created an increase of over 1,150% more free traffic per month. That’s what I call blowing the business case out!

Thank you Rick for being entrepreneurial and bringing us the business case and for executing like a rock star – awesome win for us all!

Shawn Boyer – Founder and Chairman at Snagajob

Update: The last month that Rick worked with SnagAJob, he set another “best month ever” coming in at 2.2 million organic visits in August 2011.

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