How To Disable the RSS Feed in WordPress

My website has the RSS feed disabled. I disabled my RSS Feed as one tactic in my quest to fight content scraping so that no one outranks me when they steal my content. I've had several people drop me a note asking me to enable my WordPress RSS … [Read more]

Customize the Genesis Search Box w/Dashicons

I was recently asked how I added the little magnifying glass into my search box. I used to use a .png image file to display a magnifying glass inside of my search box, but now I use Dashicons. Similar to Font Awesome, Dashicons are icon fonts now … [Read more]

Uptime Robot Website Monitoring

Do you know if your website is up and running right now? Chances are you don't. Along with a down website comes a loss in revenue. So why not use a free tool to alert you when your website is down? Let me introduce you to a free product named … [Read more]

How to Avoid SEO Scams

Have you received an email from an unknown company or person promising SEO riches and higher rankings in Google? It's an SEO SCAM plain and simple! I don't care who it came from, it's an SEO SCAM! How do I know that these emails are SEO scams? … [Read more]

Search Queries Explained

Before you can understand the meaning of a search query you must consider the user's intent. What is the user trying to accomplish when they typed a search query into a search engine? Several queries and user intent include: Query User … [Read more]